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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: directory and gump
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2004 09:22:53 GMT

>There is an outstanding issue in Gump that all project names should be 
>synchronized with the Maven artifactIds. 
I'm well aware of this, but this is just to ease things in the future. 
It shouldn't stop anything happening now.

>However, there are some artifactIds that are non-deterministic and some that 
>have been moving around;
Moving around is always going to be a problem.

>Magic chose to have the Gump support built in to its object model, so that the 
>mapping can be explicit in the model and the desriptor generation is 
I still don't get how Magic does this. Would "ant" declare that it is 
also "jakarta-ant" so that projects looking for "jakarta-ant" find the 
right thing? How does this get fed to gump?

Anyway, I added dependency properties so that projects can control their 
own destiny. This means if a project changes names, its dependees will 
all break, but I think they'd want to know that anyway.


With that, the gump descriptor should not need to be hand edited.

>I am not certain about this. It may be irrelevant to Maven, but is it 
>irrelevant to Gump? OTOH, it will tell quickly.
According to the documentation, it was for classpath generation. 
Shouldn't be needed.

>Does Multiproject support aggregates to a single descriptor or generate one in 
>each directory?? Single descriptors per project may not be appreciated by 
>other Gump folks, but I am not sure how it would be perceived.
Yes, it does it like you had previously done it for eve. One module, 
many projects.

>Yes, there are in fact namespace issues and I think this is more a Gump 
>problem than a Maven problem. If you check the id= attribute for <jar> 
>elements and the corresponding ids= attribute for <depend> elements, you see 
>the 'hack' to solve some of it.
This is what matching the IDs will buy eventually.

So, does eve/trunk/gump.xml now look correct to you? Is there anyway we 
can get it to run and find out?

If there is anything else you want to discuss about the changes I made 
for Maven/Gump, we should probably take it over to the gump list...

- Brett

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