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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: issues with the recent build changes
Date Thu, 09 Dec 2004 01:08:57 GMT
Brett Porter wrote:

>For the versions - the removal of the SNAPSHOT was perhaps not correct. Say
>someone builds this and gets ldap-common-0.2.0.jar. Then they change something
>and build again to get... ldap-common-0.2.0.jar. Which is the latest? If there's
>a newer one in the remote repository - but Maven won't download it.
Ahh ok I see.  I was geting ready for the release before tagging the 
repository but there is time before the release does happen.  In this 
time you're right we can totally get out of sync.  So basically I put 
snapshot at the end of the version and this will do it eh.  Ok I'll 
revert back.

>Let me know if you think differently, but the process we tend to encourage with
>Maven is:
>- start with 0.1-SNAPSHOT
>- build using this
>- release 0.1, tag SCM
>- update project version when start work on 0.2-SNAPSHOT
>- and so on
This is exactly what I was thinking but totally lost sight of 
SNAPSHOT'ing until right after a release.

>If 0.2.0/0.8.0 for the various artifacts are to eventually become "official"
>releases, I suggest changing to the other technique so the official release does
>not get confused with the version you built from CVS a week ago :)
Yep yep sorry.  I will fix this right away and blow away what's there.  
Plus I guess everyone will need to clear out their local copies of 
incubator-director jars. 

>The other thing was the names of subdirectories in projects. In eve, there is
>plugin (renamed from maven-eve-plugin)
>These don't match the artifactId of the projects they contain, which introduced
>the need for a property to be able to reference them correctly.
>Is this necessary? It would be nice to name subdirectories consistently with the
Ok I just liked the shorter names plus there was an eve directory which 
matches the working directory eve creates by default.  I will revert 
this back so we're inline with Maven.  I have the feeling this will save 
us some work later somewhere.

Thanks for the feedback.  I'll make the corrections tonight.


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