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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [naming] Next steps
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2004 20:40:44 GMT
Henri Yandell wrote:

>Okay, I've woken up again Naming-wise :) Many thoughts, questions and
>examples of how I don't understand JNDI/LDAP. This is all mostly to
>Phil I assume.
>* First off; what's the deal with the "java:" context. I've always
>assumed that it's just for Java containers etc, and I can happily put
>things in other contexts, but a remark from someone (Alex?) on the
>list makes me think I may be clueless here.
Yeah that's what I always thought: java:enc namespace is for J2EE 
application configuration storage.

>* My aim is to switch simple-jndi to using naming-core as its
>underlying jndi engine. The only real feature I'll lose is that the
>simple-jndi database is live, so I'll probably add some kind of
>file-polling later on (Commons-IO needs that anyway if it's not
>already there).
That would be really nice.  If there were only a way to get notification 
back from the file system of changes.  You can do that on windows but 
not on other OSs it seems hence the lack of support in JDK.  But 
notification of change over polling is an awesome thing to have.

>* Build instructions on the site. We need to get better instructions
>there on how to check out of svn (all of directory needs this improved
>I think, took me a long time to find the svn url). I'd also suggest
>that we switch to telling people to build core and factory
>individually rather as a big multiproject build. All the factory
>dependency crap (javamail/jta etc) gets in the way of a nice easy core
+1 +1 = +2 for each point above.


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