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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: [status] What's going on here?
Date Fri, 31 Dec 2004 07:45:57 GMT
On Fri, 31 Dec 2004 01:37:39 -0500, Alex Karasulu <> wrote:

> Directory Project Vision
> ================
> Noel and I were conversing by phone about our vision and how perhaps its
> not really being conveyed properly.  

I joined IRC for the first time and got a dose of it. 

My general thought is that if naming is a poor fit into the vision,
then we should probably try to think about Commons; but Noel's got
some wide-eyed, half-baked, just-might-work scheme that will have Phil
coding away in happiness. As long as naming can fit in, or at least
not cause problems, being with the JNDI-savvy is worth it.

> Another reason is our website.  First perhaps its worth
> restating it now.  I probably will not do it much justice but I'll give
> it a shot.  I'd like to do it here in this email and on our website
> eventually by restructuring things a little bit and by painting pictures
> like this:

I've realised with Jakarta that the website is a huge part of a
community's personality. Bit of an idiot really as I told a boss years
ago that even if the employees weren't users of the website, they were
still major consumers in that they have to give the address out to
people without a 10 minute apology.

> Other aspects to our vision include becoming the JNDI goto project and
> also becoming the one stop shop for all directory and naming concerns at
> the ASF that are outside of the scope of JNDI or even Java.

+1 :)

> Why must we impart this vision?

Because as directory grows, the community's identity will be formed on
the external vision and not the internal one.

> Website Changes
> ============
> To reflect the vision we need to get a more thorough version of this
> image (as Noel recommended) onto the front page of our website.  It
> might also help to make the image into an image map that links to the
> approapriate project.  This is in addition to the menus and drill down
> structure we already have today.  I think this needs to be done along
> with a clear statement of our vision on the front page.  These are the
> most important changes.

The word Blueprint is a good one I think :) You can also have more
than one level in the series of diagrams. So clicking on something
might take you to a lower level before being able to go onto the
project site.

> Other changes I would like to push are more infrastructure related.  The
> CVS module we deploy generated sitedocs into is chewed up now with our
> gradual evolution, growth and all the renaming that has occured in the
> past as well as recently.  There are soooo many empty directories it's
> painfully slow to update a working copy or to commit things.  Noel and I
> spoke about having a staging area that can be rsynched to the html root
> for Directory rather than using CVS or even SVN.  This way we avoid the
> VCS bloat, simplify the process, and still have a copy available for
> infrastructure to reinstall incase the site is lost.

Beyond anything else, make it simple and keep it documented. Changing
a project/subprojects website seems to easily become magic and a pain
in the arse for a new committer to figure out.


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