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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject EarthQuake near Sumatra
Date Sun, 26 Dec 2004 17:39:16 GMT


Before more people contact me about earth quakes, tsunamis and bad weather...

First my mum calls, then Leo Sutic send mail, about stuff happening down here, 
so I looked it up on CNN. Strongest earth quake in the world for 40 years 
(fifth largest ever recorded) next to Sumatra, causing big tsunamis hitting 
the region. Est 4700 dead.

Kuala Lumpur is 50-60km from the shore, so tsunamis are not a worry, and I 
live on 28th floor :o).

Looking back, I actually felt the earth quake, although I didn't think it was 
one. I was very tired, doing some programming, and thought that the room was 
moving. I attributed it to me being in desparate need for sleep, and that the 
motion came from within.
However, I also noticed that the water in a bottle in front of me moved slowly 
back and forth, but not more than I consider it part of my imagination.

Without pondering too much over it, I just ignored the event and went on with 
my work.

So, there are plenty of other people on this list living in within the reach 
of nature's wrath, mostly hurricane/cyclone territory. I am not one of those 

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