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From Mark Swanson <>
Subject Re: Q: LookupFilter doesn't receive useful info
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2004 01:58:05 GMT
> >All I want to do is this:
> >
> >modify an incoming request:
> >1. dn: ou=mozilla,ou=contacts,uid=6760,dc=home2,dc=mark
> >2. query: '(blah=a b)'
> >
> >so it looks like this:
> >1. ou=super,ou=contacts,uid=6760,dc=home2,dc=mark
> >2. '(cn=a b)'
> >
> >Then, do the reverse on the output (if anything).
> Ok cool but this is a hack at the moment due to the state of Eve and the
> fact that you cannot add interceptors without changing the code.  Let's
> see if we can do better than this.  Let's summarize what you need and
> devise a generalized solution for views.  Then we can have people here
> work on it with you.  Otherwise you're going to have to fork or keep
> patching over and over again.  I think this will be too much of a PITA :).

Whatever it takes.

I believe the description above is a fairly good example.

Essentially, because there is no standard LDAP schema for email programs I 
want to have one single all-encompassing schema to contain the data. Specific 
views for each email program would be created as necessary. I'm not sure how 
much more specific an example you would like, and since I'm still a newbie at 
Eve it would be up to you to prod me further.

As it stands, I was hoping to add a LookupFilter to the LookupFilter 
Interceptor; but as you saw from my code it does not look like this approach 
will work because:

A) This interceptor does not provide a mechanism for me to determine what the 
baseDN is.

B) This interceptor does not provide a mechanism for me to dynamically rewrite 
the search request.

Perhaps if I had a "Before" Interceptor that I could guarantee would come 
early enough in the chain (I don't know what position constraints would be 
atm - I'm only guessing that it may matter) that could modify the incoming 
search request.

I could delve deeper in the the Context implementation to see if the 
LookupFilter approach actually does have merit, and I could write a test 
interceptor and stack hacking in that direction too. But it would be nicer if 
someone with knowledge about the Eve internals could say "do it this way".

Thank you.

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