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From Mark Swanson <>
Subject Re: Q: LookupFilter doesn't receive useful info
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2004 23:53:37 GMT
On December 13, 2004 5:20 pm, Alex Karasulu wrote:
> Mark,
> I don't know if you are overriding the original filter service.  What

I do not believe I am. The original filter interceptor is created and added 
like always. I simply added the calls:
1. addLookupFilter()
2. addSearchResultFilter()

> you're doing can interfer with normal operation and you really need to
> know more about Eve's internals before attempting this.  I cannot really
> give you accurate advice unless I'm knee deep into what you are trying
> to do.  For example are you creating a new filter service in addition to
> or in place of the existing one?  So this is non-trivial.

Really, the code I pasted ~line 480 was all I changed within Eve. I'm not 
creating a new filter interceptor. (when you say service I hear interceptor - 

> I recommend we take baby steps and make sure things work for the trivial
> use cases you have.  Once this 0.8.0 release is out I can help devise a
> general view/filtering mechanism in 0.9 where we can avoid stepping on
> our own toes.  Does this sound reasonable?

All I want to do is this:

modify an incoming request:
1. dn: ou=mozilla,ou=contacts,uid=6760,dc=home2,dc=mark
2. query: '(blah=a b)'

so it looks like this:
1. ou=super,ou=contacts,uid=6760,dc=home2,dc=mark
2. '(cn=a b)'

Then, do the reverse on the output (if anything).


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