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From Mark Swanson <>
Subject add entry no longer works.
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2004 18:52:37 GMT

Somehow over the past couple of days it has become impossible to add entries 
to eve. I thought it was me, but I've spent a few hours going over everything 
and I'm pretty sure it's not. Here is a simple test case that used to work 
(and works fine against OpenLDAP).

Using this simple LDIF:

dn: dc=home2, dc=mark
objectclass: dcObject
objectclass: organization
o: Home machine

ldapadd -p 10389 -h lin -x -D "uid=admin,ou=system" -v -W -f $*
(password secret)

It successfully "seems to" insert into eve.

The problem is that jxplorer only shows ou=system even if I connect via 
uid=admin,ou=system (secret).

I'm running the latest as of an hour or so ago.

I have deleted all *db and all *lg files, and restarted so the db/schema is 
recreated fresh. this doesn't help.


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