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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject Re: [gump] Any one interested in helping us integrate into Gump?
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 09:20:39 GMT
On Wednesday 08 December 2004 06:40, Brett Porter wrote:

> I didn't think it was any different, but you can run
> maven plugin:download -DgroupId=maven -DartifactId=maven-gump-plugin
> -Dversion=1.4 to get the latest.
> If that's still not giving you what you want, let me know.

Ok, I made a test run in the eve/trunk/dib directory. here is the result, with 
my comments;

<module name="eve-dib">
  <description>Eve's directory information base</description>
  <url href="">
  <cvs repository="">
I think it should be able to figure this out, i.e. if it is SVN, how to pull 
out the repository, and use the <svn> tag.

  <project name="eve-dib">
    <maven goal="jar">
      <property name="" value="eve-dib-@@DATE@@">
I though the property was "" ?

    <depend project="antlr.runtime">
where does it get this from? the dependency is "antlr"...

    <depend project="aspectj">
    <depend project="commons-io">
    <depend project="commons-logging">
    <depend project="incubator-directory">
there is no project with this name and no dependency declared on it.

    <depend project="jakarta-ant">
    <depend project="jakarta-oro">
    <depend project="jakarta-regexp">
Again, Maven is trying to be smart. the declarations in the POM is ant, oro 
and regexp, yet it does the substitutions. Why? And if these names are used, 
Maven will complain about missing dependencies (or are these hardcoded 

    <depend project="jdbm">
    <depend project="junit">
    <depend project="xml-xerces">

    <work nested="target/classes">

I think you need a <mkdir dir= for each work directory, since non-existing 
directories seems to be discarded from the classpath. (Not sure if this 
applies to Maven as it does to Ant, but it doesn't hurt.)

    <home nested="target">
    <jar name="eve-dib-@@DATE@@.jar">
I would set the home = the basedir, and put "target" into the jar name.

    <javadoc nested="target/docs/apidocs">
    <nag to="" from="eve-dib development 

Also, IMHO, multiproject creations should be supported. That introduces a new 
set of requirements.
basedir must be set in the <maven> element, and also for the <home>, <mkdir>

and <work> elements. And there is no problem using multilevel deep basedirs.

I hope this helps.

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