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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: issues with the recent build changes
Date Thu, 09 Dec 2004 03:49:56 GMT
> I was just thinking... Subprojects like snickers and eve which generate 
> more than one jar prefixes the project name to the name of the 
> artifacts.  Like the artifactId may be snickers-ber but the project has 
> a ber directory for the maven project underneath.  Then what do I do for 
> things like eve/trunk/eve which I have created to build the final full 
> executable jar with all deps inside? Should it be eve-eve or just plain 
> old eve for the artifactId.  BTW I renamed 'eve' to 'main' but still 
> produce an eve-0.8.0-.... from it.

No, I wouldn't go for "eve-eve". "eve" is fine for an artifactId. Basically, you
just need to meet this criteria when picking an artifactId:
- needs to make sense standalone as it is the jar name
- needs to be unique within the group

Maven doesn't impose any particular restriction on them.

> If the name of the directory from the artifact is off anywhay what 
> difference does it make?

Maven typically doesn't care (as you can see - everything is building fine at
the moment). There is talk of using this to facilitate some functionality in the
future, though not requiring it.

It does make it easier to find the location of a particular artifact in a big
source tree that you are unfamiliar with though :)

I haven't had an answer back from the gump folk - there's a small chance gump
will not like the discrepancy, but that's probably just my misunderstanding.



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