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From Brett Porter <>
Subject issues with the recent build changes
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 23:24:19 GMT

I have a couple of questions about the way the recent change to the
build/versions was done.

For the versions - the removal of the SNAPSHOT was perhaps not correct. Say
someone builds this and gets ldap-common-0.2.0.jar. Then they change something
and build again to get... ldap-common-0.2.0.jar. Which is the latest? If there's
a newer one in the remote repository - but Maven won't download it.

Let me know if you think differently, but the process we tend to encourage with
Maven is:
- start with 0.1-SNAPSHOT
- build using this
- release 0.1, tag SCM
- update project version when start work on 0.2-SNAPSHOT
- and so on

If 0.2.0/0.8.0 for the various artifacts are to eventually become "official"
releases, I suggest changing to the other technique so the official release does
not get confused with the version you built from CVS a week ago :)

The other thing was the names of subdirectories in projects. In eve, there is
plugin (renamed from maven-eve-plugin)

These don't match the artifactId of the projects they contain, which introduced
the need for a property to be able to reference them correctly.
Is this necessary? It would be nice to name subdirectories consistently with the


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