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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: [seda] How to get protocol providers to effect SEDA?
Date Sun, 28 Nov 2004 07:18:43 GMT

Currently ProtocolProivder provides getHandler() method to
RequestProcessor stage can get appropriate RequestHandler to respond
to requests.  It works good for request-response model, but I'm not
sure this is good enough.  Most of protocols will have
request-response model, but there is also when protocol provider has
to send messages actively (e.g. heartbeat, media streaming, etc)  I
think there is no appropriate way to to that yet.

Eventually RequestHandler should be renamed to EventHandler and be
able to handle all Events such as
ConnectEvent/DisconnectEvent/ExceptionEvent/[whatever]Event.  Then
here comes another issue.  Why not just implementing its own
Subscriber?  Then we could just refactor ProtocolProvider to
CodecFactory which is only a factory for encoders and decoders. 
Instead it would be nice to focus on making implementing stages easier
and intuitive IMHO.

I'm sorry that I'm talking about changing ProtocolProvider interface
already being used by Eve, but I think this solution resolves this
issue in a really clean way. HDYT?

Trustin Lee

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