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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: [RT] SEDA Package: Rework Proposal (long, sorry)
Date Wed, 24 Nov 2004 23:27:22 GMT

> I understand Trustin comes to the table with the Netty2 library, of
> which I must
> admit ignorance.  He also has been doing most of the work getting SEDA to
> work the way it does now.

The URL of Netty2 is:

> Now, I come to the table with an existing, well tested library that is
> used by
> several projects including Excalibur, some more stuff at D-Haven, and
> several
> commercial projects.  That is the D-Haven Event library.

Alex and I have been talking about stream hierarchy model being used
by ACE and Geromino stack.  It is a kind of 'chain of responsibility'
pattern rather than an event routing model.  I really like their
approach and it is proven to work great.  The use case of SEDA event
propagation process is actually not an event routing.  It has a static
flow of events; the specific subset of event routing model, so I think
we need to go simpler.  Of course there are some issues related with
this such as propagation of ConnectEvent and DisconnectEvent, but it
should be easily resolved by using a global session registry.  I want
to show this in a few days in my branch.

But, of course, I think we need to look at D-Haven library if it
provides what we want, so could you give me the URL?

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