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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [eve] Build is cleaned up now - all works with single eve jar
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 20:28:00 GMT

Thanks to some help from Brett I was able to cleanup a few things in the 
build so Eve now totally compiles and a single executable jar is 
produced for Eve with the JNDI provider classes and all.  To build and 
run Eve just follow these steps:

1). check out Eve trunk from SVN repository:

svn co eve

Use the https URL if you intend to commit changes to trunk.

2). cd into eve folder and build Eve with this maven command:

maven -Dgoal=jar:install multiproject:goal

3). after the build succeeds I run the following command from eve folder 
to fire up Eve:

[akarasulu@newton eve]$ java -jar eve/target/eve-SNAPSHOT.jar
Eve: using default properties ...
Eve: standard ldap port 389 is not available, using 1024 instead
Eve: started in 1624 milliseconds

What was done?

So what did we have to do to get to this point.  There were some 
relative paths that did not consider the use of multiproject goals so 
Brett straighten that out using the basedir property of maven to find 
the correct paths.  I followed his footsteps to make the Eve plugin work 
correctly in other ways based on basedir. 

Next the eve maven project was added under eve/trunk to contain a 
EveMain class that allows one to start the server from the command 
line.  This project uses the javaapp plugin to generate an executable 
jar with all the dependencies of Eve included in it.  This is why 
eve-SNAPSHOT.jar is now 2.5 MB.  Yeah that can be trimmed way down 
because we don't need to have all of the commons depenencies we have.  
So we can be very selective.  Perhaps we can shring that down to about 1 MB.

Anyway the eve project generates a eve-SNAPSHOT.jar and this artifact 
contains everything Eve needs or anyone needs to embed Eve as well as 
start her from the command line.


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