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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [seda] How to get protocol providers to effect SEDA?
Date Sat, 27 Nov 2004 16:42:09 GMT

Both Enrique and I were talking about how we can get SEDA to repond to 
connection handling needs of protocol providers.  There are specific 
instances in both the Kerberos provider and the LDAP provider where this 
needs to be done.  For example Enrique mentioned how black lists can be 
announced by the Kerberos server where SEDA enforces that. 

Right now my needs are a bit more immediate.  Namely I have a request 
handler for the Unbind request which basically needs to cleanup after 
the client.  The client can basically disconnect and SEDA will cleanup 
but this is a much more graceful means to disconnect.  It may have an 
impact later when things like outstanding requests need to be cleaned 
up.   To implement the UnbindHandler I was thinking of we can have the 
handler publish a DisconnectEvent on the EventRouter so SEDA can respond 
to this.

We spoke about removing the event handler or adding other mechanisms for 
linking together stages like CoR.  Perhaps we want to keep the event 
router/bus for having things repond to events even though it is not used 
for in band SEDA communication. 

Thoughts? Volunteers to implement this?


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