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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Package structure for SEDA?
Date Wed, 24 Nov 2004 17:22:53 GMT
Currently it is a little daunting to jump right in for the SEDA 
package.  The
test cases only cover about 35% of the package so it is difficult to 
tell from them
what is going on and how it is meant to be put together.

Essentially I want to start by creating a new stage that does nothing 
but imediately
closes down connections that should not be open--before things move on 
to the
protocol interpretation stage.  I am not sure exactly how to go about 
doing this yet.

Can I get some pointers to get me started?


"Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better
idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far,
the Universe is winning."
                - Rich Cook

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