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From Brett Porter <>
Subject builds and releases
Date Tue, 23 Nov 2004 20:02:42 GMT

After a brief discussion with Alex I've agreed to start helping out 
getting the Maven build in order for the release. I'm presently just 
attending to some bugs, but have also started taking down some thoughts 
on changes that could be made. Would like to gather some opinions before 
doing anything. There's also a bunch of stuff like JIRA URLs and such 
that need cleaning up, which I'll just do.

Things I'd like to do:
- rename group to directory, not incubator-directory to make it easier 
to later make the transition. Don't imagine there is any benefit from 
having the incubator there
- probably discussed before, but would like'*' as 
the package names (not really build related)
- add the version to the SNAPSHOTs to indicate what the next release 
will be "1.0-SNAPSHOT" or maybe "1.0-M1-SNAPSHOT" (depends on what we 
plan to release)
- move eve plugin up a directory in SVN
- convert the ant tasks to pura java code, wrapped as a maven plugin and 
an ant task (if still needed)
- ldap-ber-provider in snickers has an inconsistent name or location

DateUtilsTest in ldap-common fails in any timezone other than -0500 :) 
Should DateUtils be setting TimeZone to UTC? The test seems to expect 
it, but then doesn't use that in the string.

I'll talk more on my thoughts about releases later on, I have to leave 
for work now.


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