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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [sitedocs] Kerberos and SEDA
Date Mon, 22 Nov 2004 16:36:58 GMT
Tencé, Vincent wrote:

>You're right we discussed setting up these subprojects documentation some
>time ago:
>Hooks are already in svn since that time. I'd say give it a try and I'm here
>to help. As we update sitedocs, we can start adding information to the wiki
>to describe the process.
>If I remember correctly there's also some changes to the documentation that
>have been in svn for a long time (like putting the disclaimer after the What
>is It section on the main page) but not yet published.
>We should also consider updating the news page of all web sites at least
>every month, WDYT?
Yeah good call.  It's looking pretty lame at this point.  It looks like 
very little has been done here.  The perspective user community will 
think the project is dead unless they are subscribed to lists.  Good 
call Vince.  We all need to get more dilligent. 

For now I just want to make sure that all active committers know how 
they can update this stuff so they can do it as things progress instead 
on their front.


>- Vincent
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>From: Alex Karasulu []
>Sent: November 22, 2004 11:16 AM
>To: Directory Developers List
>Subject: [sitedocs] Kerberos and SEDA
>Hi folks,
>We need to get some site documentation up for these sub-projects because 
>they're real and good projects worth the exposure.  Right now people 
>getting to our site don't see a thing about them.  It's as if they do 
>not exist.
>I could do this within minutes myself but I don't want to be the only 
>person doing house keeping here.  I'm looking for others to step up to 
>the plate on this and other matters. 
>Vincent might have volunteered to help project leads with this stuff.  
>Sorry Vince if I'm mistaken :). Also I think we may have removed the 
>'howto build the site' documentation from the main website.  Can we get 
>this info in front of guys like Enrique and Trustin.  Were we going to 
>putting the xdocs into a wiki or something like that?  I just forgot it 
>was so long ago.

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