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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: To release or not to release?
Date Mon, 22 Nov 2004 16:32:38 GMT
Tencé, Vincent wrote:

>I agree that it will push us to do the things we need to do. I've got many
>on my side. Moreover, we'll learn a lot through this release process.
>When are we planning the release? 
Well with the support we're getting to release I say let's start ASAP.  
We've got a long way to go that's for sure starting sooner rather than 
later is a good idea. Personally I'm going to hold off on some massive 
changes to Snickers that I intended to make for many reasons 
(performance, stability, maintainability - yeah snickers needs help)  
but this can wait.  Basically if things are working then we can 
release.  I personally have to finish off some work in the LDAP provider 
which is incomplete.  There are also some critical bugs to grok in snickers.

>I'm asking since a lot of Janus code
>recently upgraded out of sandbox and I'm really close to having enough
>functionality for a first release. 
Very cool.

>I have the authentication and
>authorization code working nicely together now, and I'm almost done with the
>XML builders. This will be enough for demonstration purposes and simple
>usage. Next step will be to replace XML by a much more powerful scripting
>interface (probably using groovy), for 
>configuration and wiring as well as authorization rules definition.
That sounds very exciting.  I'm very curious to see how you would script 
out authorization rules.  Are you looking at authorization expressions 
as defined in things like SAML.  Also I have no idea about it but 
someone at the conference recommended taking a look at XACML for 
authorization rule expressivity.  I need to do this sort of research for 
Eve's authorization module. 

Perhaps Vincent this is an area where you can contribute to Eve as 
well.  Eve's authorization subsystem is currently hardcoded to protect 
the system area under ou=system.  However we need some form of access 
control instructions within the server soon.  If you are interested let 
me know.  Also I will post my slides from A/C to this list so people can 
look at it.  It was pretty lame for a presentation but most excellent as 
a how to get involved intro document.

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>From: Alex Karasulu []
>Sent: November 22, 2004 11:02 AM
>To: Directory Developers List
>Subject: To release or not to release?
>Hi all,
>After a few conversations with some peeps at A/C I've come to the 
>conclusion that we should shoot for a release even though we are still 
>under incubation.  Why?  Because I think this will push us to do things 
> o clean up the build,
> o update documents and site,
> o fix critical bugs, 
> o get JIRA in order,
> o get everything building with gump,
> o tag things in subversion so new development can progress
>It will also help us see how many active people we have on this team.  
>I'm seeing more an more of use being active and I think we're reaching 
>critical mass.  A release will help us see just how well we can band 
>together to get some serious work done and who will come out of the wood 
>work to help with that.
>Keep in mind we may have to try over and over again to get a release of 
>some kind out the door.  It may take a while.  We may even graduate 
>incubator before this happens - who knows?  All I'm saying is this is a 
>good way to test our selves.   However there are areas where we will be 
>branching before this for new experimental changes like what Trustin 
>would like to do with SEDA and Alan and I would like to do with Snickers.

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