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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Apache PMCs: ApacheCon notice
Date Thu, 11 Nov 2004 02:36:20 GMT

This is in reference to item #2.  This is on behalf of the directory 
project.  I think we have 4 directory folks attending.  I'm sure all of 
us would love to wear the badge although I have not checked with them 
all officially.  So if you could we'd love to have these

'Ask Me About Apache Directory!'

badges.  Heree's a list of the committers attending A/C:

Noel Bergman
Alex Karasulu
Alan Cabrera
Enrique Rodriguez

Thanks much,
Alex Karasulu

P.S. Sorry about the late notice.

Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

>Greetings, O ASF <project> PMC.
>Yes, this is being sent to all of the ASF PMCs, and it has to do with
>Two items:
>Numbah One:
>It has been noticed that many of the Foundation's own projects don't have
>any sort of link or advert about ApacheCon on their front pages.  I am here
>to request and exhort that you change this situation immediately, if not
>sooner.  We need all the press we can get.
>Please put something like this on your front page 'above the fold':
><a href="http://ApacheCon.Com/2004/US/"
>><img src="http://ApacheCon.Com/2004/US/logos/logo_only.gif"
>  width="170" height="100" alt="ApacheCon!" title="Come to ApacheCon!"
>  border="0" /></a>
>Similarly, please let your committers know about the 'ASF committer'
>logo, and ask them to put a similar link to ApacheCon on *their* sites
>using 'asf_committer.gif' instead of 'logo_only.gif'.
>I'm attaching both of these logos to encourage wide dissemination.  There
>are other logos available at http://ApacheCon.Com/2004/US/logos/ (but obviously
>not all are really for general consumption).
>Item Numbah Two:
>Not all of the ASF projects are represented at ApacheCon by having sessions
>or BOFs scheduled.  We (the ASF concom) *very* much want *all* projects to
>get *lots* of attention from ApacheCon attendees.  To that end, I'm asking the
>PMCs to maybe find out whom from their projects will be at the conference
>and might be able to wear a button like 'Ask Me About Apache Foo!'  Or maybe
>have a stack of one-page sheets about each of some/many/most/all of the projects
>available at the registration table, or around during the reception, or
>I know, I know -- that's documentation.  Yggh.  Nevertheless, ApacheCon
>represents a golden opportunity to increase awareness of and mindshare about
>your project.  *Please* consider taking advantage of it!
>If you'd like some 'Ask Me About Apache <Foo>!' buttons, please let us know
>the details (what 'foo' is, what colours are preferred [no guarantees], and
>how many) in a message to  I can't guarantee that we'll
>be able to make them, but we'll try.  Oh, and the names of the people who
>have volunteered to wear 'em would be good, too, so we can try to make the
>contracted registration people aware that there's a button for Jean D'Oh.
>Or we could just get a bunch and let people pick 'em up.
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