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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [Eve] Status
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2004 17:59:21 GMT
Hi all,

Good news!  The Eve JNDI Provider is working pretty well and we're very 
close to integrating all the peices.  There are issues of course but its 
very usable. 

As you may know the Eve JNDI Provider is the Eve backend subsystem.  
This JNDI Provider uses the LDAP namespace but it is not an LDAP 
client.  It translates JNDI calls to backing store operations on Eve 
database partitions associated with naming contexts.  These CRUD ops 
work on entries stored within these partitions.

This provider is doing really well.  There's however a long way to go 
with verifying the correct operation of the complete set of JNDI 
interfaces.  We still need lots of test cases.  Anyhow the JNDI provider 
is at the heart of Eve.  The front end networking code previously called 
frontend is now the SEDA project which is a framework for any protocol 
based on UDP and TCP.  Trustin is groking the UDP part and fixing issues 
with the TCP parts.  Soon like within the next 48 hours or so we will be 
adding code to JNDI provider to blow up SEDA with the LDAP hooks.  These 
hooks basically call the Eve JNDI provider to do their work.

Another really cool thing going on is on the Kerberos front.  Enrique 
has the Kerberos server working like a champion against the krb5kdc LDAP 
schema using JNDI as the access API.  We plan to create another subclass 
of the default Eve InitialContextFactory implementation which also fires 
up the Kerberos server that uses Eve as its JNDI LDAP backing store.  
This 3 way integration is about to happen this week. 

I'm very close to starting this but there are a few security issues I'm 
trying to pound out with Eve right now. These matters deal with how Eve 
treats Eve specific user accounts within the ou=system administrative 
areas.  There are some strict authorization rules that need to be put 
into place there.  Also I have one major JNDI bug to fix.   This should 
take me no longer than another day, maximum 2.  Then it is all about 
integrating these parts.  This is all very exciting because we finally 
get to see the fruits of our labor over the past year. 


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