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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [seda] Coding standards and commit 56039 (by Trustin)
Date Sat, 30 Oct 2004 17:34:51 GMT
Hiya again,

Ok looking more at the mx4j guy's coding style I think its emaculate.  
These other syles are old and crusty ways of doing things.  Personally I 
want stuff to look cleaner and better.  Been looking around and talking 
to some commons and Geronimo guys.  I think more people want cleaner 
even though this area has been so archaic.  They I think find themselves 
having to follow these old standards because a company said so.  Looks 
like the standards docs were not updated by SUN since 1999.

Java has come a long way since then and some conventions just don't 
apply anymore.  Also I wanted to point out something else that I use as 
a convention.  I always use ii, jj, and kk for loop variables and 
learned this from Rob Penoyer.  It's the best way to search your code 
for loops cuz I find 'for' in java docs so that's no good and I find 
'i', 'j' and 'k' everywhere.  So you see that this stardard of using 
'i', 'j' and 'k' for loop variables has a better alternative. 

I vote that we invent our own standard using other peoples examples.  
Cleaner coding standards do not raise and set with the SUN Java coding 
standards.  Until then please follow the current coding style by 
inferring it.  When we have something we should do a checkstyle and a 
Jalopy configuration for that standard and publish it on our site.


Alex Karasulu wrote:

> Hi all,
> Looks like this commit was to basically reformat and reorganize the 
> code.  I'm cool with that but the Jalopy net affect is to undo my 
> formatting style which I agree is not the Java standard.
> What I ask now, are you following the Java standard with this Jalopy 
> formating you are using?  If not we need to come up with something for 
> the whole team.  I used to use the Avalon coding style and formating.  
> For me I have bad eyes so I moved to my own style that puts spaces 
> between stuff so its easier for my eyes.  Here's what mine looks like 
> as opposed to the SUN Java style:
> My style has brackets ALWAYS on a new line.  I follow this 
> religiously.  Also I put a space between ( and ) as you can see.
>    public RequestHandler getHandler( Object request )
>    {
>        return new NoReplyHandler()
>        {
>            public void handle( Object request )
>            {
>            }
>            public HandlerTypeEnum getHandlerType()
>            {
>                return HandlerTypeEnum.NOREPLY;
>            }
>        };
>    }
> These are the fundamental differences between my style and the Java 
> style below which looks like the SUN Java recommended formatting. 
>    public RequestHandler getHandler(Object request) {
>        return new NoReplyHandler() {
>                public void handle(Object request) {
>                }
>                public HandlerTypeEnum getHandlerType() {
>                    return HandlerTypeEnum.NOREPLY;
>                }
>            };
>    }
> I like mine much better and think the whole damn world is wrong but 
> you can't piss against the wind and expect not to get wet right?  So 
> again conforming to the standard is best even if it IMO looks less 
> readible.  I will adapt but is this what we want to do.  Should we 
> just use the jakarta coding standards?
> Personally I think there are a few good options for us so please add 
> to this and gimme a check.  This is more a poll rather than a formal 
> vote since we need to feel out what everyone thinks.
> [ ] Jakarta standards
> [ ] SUN Java recommended standards (might be the same as Jakarta)
> [ ] Alex's coding standards
> [ ] Geronimo coding standards
> [X] mx4j standards but use 4 spaces instead of 3 for tabs
> [ ] invent our own
> See here:

> So people gimme some feedback.  In the meantime Trustin please revert 
> this change for just the formating.
> Alex

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