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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [eve] Integration plans
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2004 13:04:03 GMT

I think you should stick to the path of making the Kerberos server 
interoperable with OpenLDAP.  This is good in several respects.  We want 
to support OpenLDAP as much as possible as a related open souce LDAP 
server effort.  Hence we want to interoperate with it and those that use 
is already.  Plus several people will want to deploy the Kerberos server 
in a stand alone configuration without Eve in the picture so OpenLDAP is 
an excellent option.

Plus once you've written the JNDI code we should only have to swap the 
JNDI povider, especially since all the schema's and operational 
behaviors will be exactly like that of OpenLDAP.


Enrique Rodriguez wrote:

> Shouldn't be a problem, was planning on this anyway, hence my 
> krb5-kdc.schema request.  I have deps on both SEDA/UDP and Eve 
> backend, so the earlier there are cuts of both, the better for me.
> Given how long you (Alex) and Trustin think you need, would it be 
> helpful to start getting Kerberos fitted into the existing SEDA and/or 
> to continue down the path of using JNDI against OpenLDAP, and 
> switching, as we once discussed?  Or, are both close enough I can sit 
> tight for a week or two and just keep honing what I've got (I need to 
> refactor configuration to make it more flexible, regardless of JNDI)?
> -enrique
> Trustin Lee wrote:
>> Yes, I can do it.  I'll be pretty busy with applying the graduate
>> course, so I'll start from friday.
>> I think 1w will be enough for me because it is fairly easy.  But, in
>> case of unexpected situation, I need you to repond fast enough for my
>> e-mails and issues.
>> Cheers,
>> Trustin Lee
>> On Mon, 18 Oct 2004 21:39:01 -0400, Alex Karasulu 
>> <> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> For the upcoming ApacheCon we're trying to get a version of Eve up and
>>> running in SEDA with Kerberos.  Namely Trustin, Enrique and I have some
>>> work to do that needs to be integrated before we're there.  Here's the
>>> current plan:
>>> Trustin:
>>>    1). add UDP support to SEDA before radically changing it
>>> Enrique:
>>>    1). finalize Kerberos provider for SEDA for both UDP and TCP based
>>> operations
>>>    2). complete LDAP based backend for Kerberos
>>> Alex:
>>>    1). finish LDAP provider for SEDA
>>>    2). finish Eve backend JNDI provider
>>> By finish we're taking about getting something operational enough so we
>>> can demo it.  Over the next few months we can iron out all the minor
>>> details.
>>> Now I'mk thinking we need to finish these tasks by the end of this 
>>> month
>>> so we have a week or two for the integration work.  That means we got a
>>> couple weeks max to finish.  WDYT?  Is this possible?
>>> Cheers,
>>> Alex

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