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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject [SEDA] Some questions and idea about current SEDA API design
Date Wed, 08 Sep 2004 15:12:32 GMT
I'm reading the whole source code of SEDA, and I found something unfamiliar.

1. Why is only one monitor per Subscriber allowed?  Is there any
reason for this? Or, is there any reason for not using standard
JavaBeans event model?

2. There are so many exception handler methods in monitor interfaces. 
I think we can replace them with single handler method
'exceptionCaught' and use 'instanceof' keyword against several
exceptions to handle them case-by-case.  It will be O.K because
there's only a few exceptions we have to handle, and logging the
exception or closing the connection works for most of the other cases.

3. How about using 'onEvent' or something sounds passive rather than
the method name 'inform'?

4. Isn't there any default ThreadPool implementation?

5. IMHO, SEDA could be separated with multi-layered thread pool for
generic event handling and its networking frontend (e.g. seda-event
and seda-networking). How do you think?

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