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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject I'd like to introduce Trustin Lee
Date Mon, 06 Sep 2004 23:06:48 GMT
Hi all,

I would like to introduce Trustin Lee, who is the author of the Netty and Netty2 codebase
and founder of the project found here:

Netty[2] is an event based NIO API for building client/server applications.  Trustin has been
developing this for some time now.  When I saw the netty project I was shocked at how similar
it was to what we’ve done with the SEDA based frontend to Eve.  I contacted Trustin and we
began to talk about consolidating our efforts. 

As you all know I would like to generalize the frontend code which I have already begun to
refactor within the ‘seda’ subproject.  The aim is to remove LDAP dependencies so it can
be used to build any protocol server.   The Kerberos server we’ve been talking about on the
ppmc list is one example of another server that is benefiting from this common code.

Trustin has agreed to work with us to finalize the API and to add features that Netty already
has.  We would also like to enable UDP based protocols as well.  Kerberos for example can
run on both UDP and TCP.  He will be participating on the list and providing some patches.
 I just wanted to let everyone know and give this very nice guy a warm welcome.


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