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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [seda] Building out a hardwired harness and examples
Date Thu, 16 Sep 2004 01:36:45 GMT

I'll start tracking the progress of my hardwired harness for these seda
POJOs in the JIRA soon.  But before I do that I wanted to give out a
warning and a roadmap.

First the warning: I started adding the hard coded stuff into some
classes I just whipped out so its ugly.  I will refactor this shortly
and start adding some clarity to it.  Before I do that I just want to
write some example protocols to test out the plumbing as it is
currently.  The idea is to implement the following services as
incremental examples of what the framework can do:

Discard (Alex)
Echo (Alex)
Daytime (Alex)
NTP (Enrique)
Finger (unknown)
Kerberos (Enrique)
LDAP (Alex)

As one can see the complexity of the protocol ramps up considerably with
this list.  The first few can be implemented in a day and serves as a
good demonstration.  Once the first few are done I will cleanup and

Then I intend to profile the hell out of this thing looking at tuning
it.  By this time I think Trustin will step in hopefully with the
abstractions needed to support UDP based halves of some of these
protocols.  The nice thing is we can use commons-net and JUnit to test
the heck out of this thang.

After Trustin's changes are made we can test the UDP side and
performance tune again if we have to.  Then we can work on docs, and
other packaging for a usable releasable product.  Next stage I think is
getting JMX into the picture.  Enrique already mentioned this and I
think Serdar was also interested as well.  I'd like to see the JMX and
wrapper proliferation (to integrate into several servers and frameworks)
really take off at this point.


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