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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [seda] API & IMPL project/jar consolidation
Date Wed, 15 Sep 2004 00:20:47 GMT

Steve had made some excellent points a while back about potential class
loader conflicts that can result in IoC containers when service
interfaces and implementations are contained within the same deployment
jar.  Steve I guess I'm bringing this us in case we need re-edumacation
again :-). 

>>From my understanding most of the problems have to do with managing the
dependencies of the implementation classes and conflicts these
dependencies can introduce.  It occurred to me that the api and impl
projects for the SEDA core can be merged together and deployed together
if the number of dependencies are drastically reduced.  The POJO
implementations themselves are very insignificant and get wrapped
anyway.  Without very many dependencies these two projects can be merged
together I what I'm thinking.  This will lead to a more managable SEDA
project with a single deliverable (artifact).

Right now I have reduced the number of build time dependencies in the
SEDA impl down to the following:


The following deps exist for testing:


And this last dep, seda-api, should go away when we merge the two
projects.  The codec-stateful package is needed by both projects so it
will always have to stick around as the same version for both.  The
logging is specific to the implementation classes but its an adapter
package and not an actual logging implementation so we're good I think.

So with these I ask if reuniting these two projects is the right path. 
I'm leaning towards that but I wanted to get Steve's take on this with
these new details.


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