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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Cleaning up dependencies
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2004 23:59:43 GMT
Just as an FYI I just cleaned up some dependencies we had on
commons-codec and commons-lang because of a couple of trivial uses.  I
removed these and cleanup up the references.

On a couple occations i copied ('forked') the commons-codec and
commons-lang classes.  This was done without much concern because in the
case of lang these classes were deprecated type safe enumerations that
were going to go away with jdk1.5.  We'll probably go to 1.5 before the
commons folks will so I did not consider this a long term thing and the
copy was less of a concern.

commons-codec is introduced because of a dependency on a few exception
classes and interfaces like EncoderException and DecoderException by the
codec-stateful package extensions.  Eventually we figure this stateful
stuff will be merged back into commons-codec so the copy here which has
not changed any class names or packages is safer than one would expect.

These benign copies will help us irradicate dependencies on other jars
so we can get to the point of unifying the seda api with impl without
causing the class loader classes that Stephan often describes.  Plus
with this route we have less dependencies where those deps were on very
trivial peices of functionality.


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