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From Mitchell Skinner <>
Subject stub compiler status?
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2004 21:48:27 GMT

JIRA issue suggests
that there's some work still to be merged; it's a little confusing
because it says "changes to the runtime" but it's filed against the
asn.1 compiler component.

On IRC Alan said he's actively working on the stub compiler.  Alan, if
there is work on that component that's not yet in the repository, would
you mind sending it my way?  Also, is there a part of it that would be
good to break off and let me work on?

NCBI (the national center for biotechnology information) distributes
information from the public genome sequencing projects in ber-encoded
ASN.1.  They also distribute other formats, but none of them is nearly
as rich or well-specified.  Their ASN.1 schema is pretty hairy, I think
(~3200 lines, 112k), and they also extend it from time to time, so I was
hoping to avoid writing a decoder by hand.  One thing it uses that's not
in the antlr grammar yet is module exports/imports.

Here is a URL for the schema:

Examples of the actual data I want to parse/decode are in:
in the files ending with "bna.gz"


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