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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: [naming] Inquiring about status
Date Tue, 31 Aug 2004 05:54:35 GMT
Brett Porter wrote:

> > The Jakarta Commons Configuration folks wanted to
> > know if it was ready for a Release.  Considering
> > the origin of the code, and the fact that we've
> > already released it as part of Tomcat before
> > relocating it, I'd suggest that the Incubator PMC
> > would be willing to allow a Release of that code,
> > if it is ready.
> I agree. I've been using it in production for a year now
> (3 years if you count it as part of Tomcat 4 :).

Please note that it is not about code quality.  The justification for it
would be that the ASF has already officially released that code, and has
communities committed to it.

> I think the XmlConfigurator I wrote probably isn't as
> complete as it could be, but is certainly usable.  A
> release would get more feedback from users in this
> regard.

Agreed.  I am thinking that for JAMES v3, we could switch to this for Mailet
configuration, rather than use the Avalon format configuration files.

> > We should also see if there have been any changes to
> > the code in Tomcat. Ideally, Tomcat should get the
> > code from us, and contribute changes back.

> Definitely. However, while the XmlConfigurator is modelled
> on the Tomcat config, I'm sure it doesn't match up. I'd be
> interested if there was a more general way to reuse this
> (I'm not familiar with how Tomcat parses and loads its
> configuration files).

Please feel free to talk with Remy et al about how best to address it.

What about the JNDI Configurator?  Shouldn't that also tie into naming?

	---- Noel

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