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From "Tence, Vincent" <>
Subject RE: [sitedocs] Reworking the docs
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2004 19:40:39 GMT
> 1. Should we still be using a sitedocs subproject or should 
> we move the 
> xdocs to the top-level directory project?

Atm I favor going on with the sitedocs projects.

> 2. Do we still need the sitedocs/trunk/xdocs/subprojects dir?

Yep. It will generate the sub-projects overview page as it is now. By
the maven.multiproject.aggregateDir property to subprojects/ we have the
same behaviour
as before: the sub-projects docs are copied in the /subprojects sub-dir.
This means when a sub-project
generates its own doc, we need to remove the default page from
> 3. What happens when subprojects in turn contains subprojects 
> with xdocs 
> (I know eve does)?

Don't know yet. Will be experimenting with that now.

> 5. Is there any requirement in the subprojects project.xml 
> file for the 
> multiproject:site goal to work?

Apart from specifying an <artifactId> element, I don't think so.

- Vincent

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