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From "Tence, Vincent" <>
Subject RE: [sitedocs] Reworking the docs
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2004 15:02:49 GMT
> Sorry this is probably my fault :(.

Not at all. It was tired and got a bit frustrated with the maven plugin :)
> > I have some questions regarding the multiproject plugin:
> > 
> > 1. Should we still be using a sitedocs subproject or should 
> we move the 
> > xdocs to the top-level directory project?
> Don't know would that be easier for ya.  Look if you're going 
> to wrestle
> with things go ahead and chop it away - do what you think is best.  We
> understand some things may break in the process and they can be
> addressed so if you want to scrap my crap go ahead and restructure as
> you please.  Trust me this may not be the best way to go.

I am not sure I can store anything in the directly under the directory
since there is no trunk there. I will try to make it work with the sitedocs
> > 2. Do we still need the sitedocs/trunk/xdocs/subprojects dir?
> Probably not - I want to get rid of this subprojects layer.  Let's go
> ahead and restructure.

I'll try to get rid of it and see how mulitproject behaves.
> > 3. What happens when subprojects in turn contains 
> subprojects with xdocs 
> > (I know eve does)?
> Yeah I see where you're going its a damn nightmare.  Tell me what you
> want to do?

I will experiment and see what multiproject generates. In case it can't pick
up sub-subprojects
docs, I might move them under the subprojects docs.
> > 4. I understood we should get rid of our .jsl template and 
> custom site 
> > post goals. Is that correct?
> Yes.  We want the maven functionality out of the box to keep things
> simple.


> > 5. Is there any requirement in the subprojects project.xml 
> file for the 
> > multiproject:site goal to work?
> Don't know have never used the multiproject:site goal.  I was 
> intending
> to get involved.  Right now I'm doing the eve consolidation.  I will
> cleanup the docs with you but tell me where you want to go with site
> document generation?  Let's cordinate but you take the reigns on this
> one - let me know how you want me to grok it.

I'll do more experiment to understand better how multiproject works. We'll
draw some conclusions
from there and decide on a route to follow. What do you think?

- Vincent

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