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From Stephen McConnell <>
Subject Re: manager, monitor, etc ...
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2004 19:53:39 GMT
Alex Karasulu wrote:

>>I'm slowly working my way through the codebase putting together some 
>>initial package documentation.  In the process there is a clear patter 
>>of "manager" and "monitor" in the api classes.  Is there a summary 
>>somewhere about the general object model - the roles/relationships 
>>between manager and monitors .. etc. - and the general relationships 
>>between the principal packages?
> Well as you probably already know the Monitor (or callback) concept 
> originally came from Paul Hammant's "No Logging" Wiki here:
> I tried to devise a Monitor interface for every component service 
> within the server since the events of interest are specific to the 
> service.  Furthermore specific service implementations may add to 
> this.  Hence services expose their own Monitor[ing] interface.  
> Logging is a specific function of monitoring where we report events 
> to a log file so that's the gist. There is a webpage on the site 
> where I tried to describe these matters here:
> For lack of a better word several of these services have a Manager appended to the functional
name like EncoderManager or DecoderManager because I did not want to just call it Encoder
or Decoder.  So rather than call them manager's and monitors we can just stick with IoC/SOP/COP
terminalogy and say the service 
> interface and the service's monitor interface.
> All service interfaces and their respective Monitor interfaces reside 
> within the api project of the frontend.  POJO implementations of these
> interfaces are within the impl project of the frontend.  Merlin container
> specific imlementations are within the merlin wrappers project.  You 
> already know this but I wanted it out there for others who perhaps do not.
> Does this answer your question?  

It confirmed what I was thinking.

> I have a feeling I might have 
> missed something.

Not at all - actually behind my message is some thoughts concerning the 
automatic establishment of JMX manageable objects and it seems to me 
that the monitors were for all intensive purposes an important element 
of a management interface (as distinct from the service functionality).

As we move forward with the Merlin JMX facility I'd like to play around 
a bit with this area - perhaps see what we can do with automatic 
registration of MBeans and the establishment of JMX monitors via the 
Merlin adapters.

Cheers, Steve.


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