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From Stephen McConnell <>
Subject Re: Learning deescalation
Date Wed, 07 Jul 2004 21:12:26 GMT
Noel J. Bergman wrote:

> Thank you, Nicola Ken, for a general, appropriate, and well-considered
> message.  You  have pointed out an area of community building that should be
> learned, without pointing figures at anyone.  Not only is it appropriate for
> all projects, but even more so for a project mentor to express in the
> Incubator.

Wow - I'm sorry Noel ... but I have to say ...


Nicola made some constructive points - he also went overboard in 
reacting to Alex - something that Nicola is prone to doing from time to 
time.  Please - lets be a little realistic - Nicola is not tracking this 
project in detail and is not involved at and tangible level but that 
does not give Nicola - or you - the right to start tromping around with 
statements about "mentors", "appropriateness" or worst of all - Nicola 
posting his opinions on deescalation (and Nicola is 100% familiar with 
the reasons why he is the last person on the planet to assume any 
authority on this subject).

Get back to the agenda "all of you" - there is a cut on the new site - 
the people who are committing are happy with the cut. Yes - we can put 
in changes here and there and keep the observers happy - and if that 
makes us happy - then cool go to town.  Remember - if someone doesn't 
like something then they can post a patch.  In the meantime don't forget 
that more than a couple of people have been investing energy into the 
promotion of product using brands.  Anyone tracking this forum will be 
aware of that - and anyone tracking this forum would understand Alex's 
position (which is operational very close to my own).

Bottom line - Alex is doing a fantastic job - give the guy some space - 
no need for flack.  This list is about more important things than 
individual opinions on deescalation or appropriateness - Nicola or Noel 
- if you want to respond - respond to me on the incubator list and I'll 
give you your money's worth.

Cheers, Stephen.


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