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From Vincent Tence <>
Subject Re: [sitedocs] Reworking the docs
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2004 02:39:27 GMT
I've been trying to build the website using the multiproject goal for 
the last 2 hours without success. I'm giving up.

I have some questions regarding the multiproject plugin:

1. Should we still be using a sitedocs subproject or should we move the 
xdocs to the top-level directory project?

2. Do we still need the sitedocs/trunk/xdocs/subprojects dir?

3. What happens when subprojects in turn contains subprojects with xdocs 
(I know eve does)?

4. I understood we should get rid of our .jsl template and custom site 
post goals. Is that correct?

5. Is there any requirement in the subprojects project.xml file for the 
multiproject:site goal to work?


Alex Karasulu wrote:

>On Mon, 2004-06-28 at 23:58, Brett Porter wrote:
>>The collectdocs stuff could probably be replaced with multiproject:site out of
>>the box...
>Good looking out Brett.  Then that's the approach we should take.  Scrap
>the hokey stuff we got and follow up using multiproject.  Actually I've
>very fond of multiproject.
>BTW do you guys know that we all have free IntelliJ IDEA licenses?  The
>idea:multiproject works really nicely in setting up idea for projects
>like Eve that have a gazzillion different projects.
>Also at some point I had looked at what the Geronimo folks have done
>with their builds and its looking really nice.  We might want to look at
>what they have before we proceed.

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