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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: RE: [VOTE] Re: Re: Web site ready - give it a try
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2004 20:08:19 GMT

> From: "Noel J. Bergman" <>
> Date: 2004/07/06 Tue PM 03:30:54 EDT
> To: "Apache Directory Developers List" <>
> Subject: RE: [VOTE] Re: Re: Web site ready - give it a try
> > let's just do that and take a vote
> I don't see any point to take a vote on what color to paint the bike shed.

Come on dude, I don't think this is an instance of bike shed analogy: you tought me that remember.
 I'm not just talking about something to be heard: just so others hear me talking.  I'm pretty
passionate about these points and so are others.  My goal is to put a halt to any damaging
affects the disscussion may have on those in this project and others interested in joining
it.  We settled this issue before I don't want people to think they come to this project to
debate over names.  Next they'll think we're going to tell them what identifiers to use in
their code.

Actually I'm at work right now without the time to write about these matters.  Let's go ahead
with points #1 and #2 which are right on the money and continue voting.  If you don't want
to vote I understand - I always understand.

While voting though keep in mind that we don't gain anything from changing names. In fact
it only means more package name chages and documentation changes.  Also there are UML diagrams
that needed to be regenerated and I'm sure more that I am not thinking of right now.  These
are hard points rather than the soft points I mentioned in my earlier email.  

Plus let's not forget about Vincent's point concerning ugly long package names. I can't stand
that myself.

> We're all agreed to implement what we agree was the most important part of
> Nicola Ken's observation.

If you're referring to points #1 and #2 I'm fine with that.  If we start changing the names
of things that's not fine by me personally at this stage of the game: that just means more
work without any gain.  

I asked for a vote to stop having this discussion over and over again.  Let's just tally up
the votes and lay this to rest.  I would rather be working with you and the James people discussing
the way we integrate Eve into James.  

This trail is wasted energy if any one of us needs to tap anything more than an [X] on a box.
What do you say. Let's just keep it simple :)

[ ] lay the naming issue to rest for now until two or more years
[ ] take yet another vote to change names and site navigation accordingly


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