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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [status] Here's my present status
Date Fri, 30 Jul 2004 01:52:35 GMT
Status by subproject:

LDAP Common

Evolving as it needs to with minor fixes here and there.  The major
change lately is the fact that the LDAP message framework now uses the
snickers codec rather than Snacc4J as the default.  It can still
fallback with property setting to use the old Snacc4J provider if need
be.  Infact that is exactly what I do in some test cases for the
snickers code.  I use the ldap-commons and tell it to use the Snacc4J
codec when testing snickers parts.


Snickers although needing some serious refactoring is working out just
nicely.  I have the encoding parts almost finished.  I've done the hard
stuff already and it should be a smooth ride now to the finish line.  I
have the following PDU's done and some missing for the encode portion:

|           PDU          | Encode | Decode |
| AbandonRequest         |  done  |  done  |
| AddRequest             |  ----  |  done  |
| AddResponse            |  ----  |  done  |
| BindRequest            |  done  |  done  |  
| BindResponse           |  done  |  done  |
| CompareRequest         |  ----  |  done  |
| CompareResponse        |  ----  |  done  |
| DelRequest             |  ----  |  done  |
| DelResponse            |  ----  |  done  |
| ExtendedRequest        |  ----  |  done  |
| ExtendedResponse       |  ----  |  done  |
| ModifyRequest          |  ----  |  done  |
| ModifyResponse         |  ----  |  done  |
| ModifyDNRequest        |  ----  |  done  |
| ModifyDNResponse       |  ----  |  done  |
| SearchRequest          |  done  |  done  |
| SearchResultDone       |  done  |  done  |
| SearchResultEntry      |  done  |  done  |
| SearchResultReference  |  ----  |  done  |
| UnbindRequest          |  ----  |  done  |

I will add the missing peices into the JIRA and work them as I go.  Got
a bit far from the JIRA but will try to follow through on using it

Right now I have implemented enough to test the server to have a client
connect to it and search.  I wanna try this just for kicks using both
Eve and the old LDAPd code base retrofitted now with Snickers.

Next we want to remove all snacc4j deps that test cases now have.  This
I'm hoping Wes can handle.  Then once all the PDU's are ready I'd like
to use Jeff's protocol test suite to see if the old LDAPd server goes
through all the tests using an example DIT.  This is a good integration
test for us.


Right now Eve's decoder needs to be fixed since I am now using Snickers
as the default provider within the LDAP message framework in
ldap-common.jar.  I will add this to the JIRA as well.

Eve's frontent for the most part is ready.  We need to do some work on
it to improve the way the encoder/decoder components work to make them
take advantage of some Snickers performance enhanced aspects that work
well with NIO.  Right now we're poorly utilizing the new Snickers code
within the frontend.  This is another JIRA improvement to be added.

A HOT new (redesigned) backend subsystem is waiting in the sandbox to be
POJO'ified and put into the api, impl, wrapper-x scheme we agreed upon. 
This needs to be done while adding some new and improved Schema features
into the backend subsystem which are presently sitting in the Eve trunk
under the backend directory.  So there's lots to be done here.  I can go
into this after we're rid of the Snacc4J related IP issues.


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