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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [snickers] Moving test cases away from Snacc4J
Date Fri, 30 Jul 2004 01:23:54 GMT

Right now one of the main dependencies I have left on Snacc4J are the
test cases in various snickers maven projects.  The problem is there
because I use Snacc4J to test snickers.  We spoke a while back about
generating files with the content we need rather than generating PDU's
on the fly using Snacc4J for test cases.  Namely we talked about
generating serialized ber output files and serialized stub object files
for testing the correct encoding and decoding abilities of the snickers
code.  I would like to generate the serialized ber content using Snacc4J
and Snickers as well.  It seems like a bad practice to just testing a
round trip only with Snickers code.

You think you're up to taking that challenge? I'm really close now with
being done with Snickers.  This will be one of the last hurdles to rid
ourselves of the need for Snacc4J.  Once I'm done with removing Snacc4J
we can use Jeff's testing framework to start banging against the old
ldapd server retrofitted with Snickers.

Also Eve will be up as well as the old ldapd server.  However Eve will
not have a backend to go against just yet.  She presently return BUSY
responses I thing to all requests that return a response - either that
or an operational error: regardless something is returned to tell you
things are not implemented fully yet.


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