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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: My Status
Date Sun, 11 Jul 2004 06:57:43 GMT

During the recent activity on the list I forgot my manners.  I wanted
to get back to you sooner on your email.

> Hello all, and you are saying, "who is this guy?" My 
> apologies for being classified missing in action. 

No appologies necessary.  This is stuff we do for fun.  We just 
miss the guy who gave so much to this project early on.  So much
of Eve and Snickers has come to be from our late night conversations.  
I really miss them.  It was your genius that lead to the cool 
features we're now putting into Eve and in Snickers.  I just want 
everyone to know that.

> I do sincerely intend to actively rejoin the community at 
> some point in the future, but at this time cannot 
> realistically determine the time frame for that to occur. I 
> have some personal medical related concerns I need to focus 
> on.

No worries, no rush, no need to prove yourself (you already have).  I 
wish you a speedy recovery and the best to you and yours.  You're 
welcome here at any time.  If you just wanna say hi or talk to us 
in real time we're hanging out on IRC - come and hang with us 
anytime: it need not be technical.

(all technical converations or project decisions on IRC will be 
summarized on this list)


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