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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject RE: RE: [VOTE] Re: Re: Web site ready - give it a try
Date Wed, 07 Jul 2004 13:01:47 GMT
On Wed, 2004-07-07 at 02:28, Noel J. Bergman wrote:
> > > Well it is a bit of a silly thing to argue about.
> > If we care about the names of things give us some leaway even if
> > you believe it's silly.
> Take as much leeway as you want.  But ideally a vote is more a celebration
> of an emerged consensus; if you need to count votes, it can indicate
> stresses in the community that should be looked at.  Besides, it isn't as if
> a vote not to do something will mean anything if the consensus really
> changes.  In this instance, there was clearly no consensus to change names,
> so why make an issue of it?

Ok then its done.  We'll just move on.

> > I'm getting ready to have another son within the next few weeks.
> > I'm thinking about his name very carefully.  Is that silly?
> Nope.  But when you go to his school, you're likely to ask for the
> registrar's office, not the registrar by name.  And that's what Nicola Ken
> is talking about.
> > If we want to structure the site in a more navigable fashion that will
> > be clearer I'm all for that.  And as you suggest this is your primary
> > goal, not to change the name of these products.
> Yup.
> And I'm not sure the best way to do it.  I think we're fine having the
> subproject names across the top.  Despite what you said in another message,
> it might be nice if we had a left-hand menu like:
>   ASN.1 CODEC             -> page discussing the semantic space
>     - Snickers            -> Snickers project page
>   LDAP/Directory Server   -> what/why, and overview of why we have two
>     - Eve                 -> Eve project page
>     - LDAPd               -> LDAPd project page
>   JNDI                    -> JNDI and also reference to Eve/LDAPd backends
>     - naming              -> Our java:comp/env support
>   Identity/Authorization  -> Overview
>     - RMS                 -> Simplified model
>     - JANUS               -> Engine capable of underlying IETF AAA

After our discussion regarding search engines and how to get more
exposure I'm seeing your reasons for changing navigation.  I'm still
glad to see you want to keep the subproject names across the top.  

One thing though you might want to rename Identity/Authorization to just
Security/Identity perhaps.  I don't know about this one exactly perhaps
Vincent can plug in.

> You said that it won't work, but I don't see why not.  And, yes, Jakarta and
> XML use codename based navigation, but we also get comments from people who
> say that they have trouble finding things.  There have been casual
> discussions about ontological portals and other things to help make finding
> what people want more easily, although I've yet to see anything concrete
> happen.
> I'm not saying the above structure is right or wrong.  The goal should be to
> give people the ability to understand and find WHAT they are looking at, not
> just see its name.  Until they know what a registrar does, it really doesn't
> matter what his or her name is, does it?  And once they become as familar as
> we want them to be, odds are they'll be on a first name basis.

I agree with you here.  Any changes that need to be made to enable what
you're talking about could just be made.  I'm comfortable with this
after your further clarification.


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