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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject RE: [jira] Closed: (DIREVE-14) Consolidate little maven projects for components
Date Wed, 07 Jul 2004 03:05:00 GMT

Excuse my getting to this one late.  My mail filter pushed out of my

On Tue, 2004-07-06 at 09:34, "Tencé, Vincent" wrote:
> For my understanding, the Eve trunk has been consolidated and new
> development will be done there, correct? What about sandbox status? I'm not
> sure what is currently in development in the sandox vs. what is dead.
> - Vincent (just trying to follow things ;-))

Sorry for not keeping everyone upto date.  The sandbox contains the
latest and greatest backend subsystem with several optimizations and
enhancements to support things like triggers and stored procedures. 
This backend subsystem is an JNDI LDAP provider except it never uses the
LDAP protocol but directly alters backends (partitions).  There is a
default and system backend that comes with this entire subsystem that
has support for aliases.  It needs to be massaged and placed into the

What do I mean by massaged:

1). Schema enhancements currently sitting in the trunk's backend need to
be incorporated
2). The api, impl and merlin separation needs to occur.  These
components need to be separated into pojos.  They are currently only
merlin components.
3). We need to write test cases against these components as well since
most of this code is untested.

The next thing I suppost is to break this down and put it into the
JIRA.  I think its best if I volunteer to do this so we can get people
working on it.


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