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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: [D-haven-developer] Several new releases out
Date Tue, 29 Jun 2004 05:10:14 GMT
Alex Karasulu wrote:

>>>>Consolidating efforts on EventBus? or something else?
>>>EventBus specifically.  Perhaps event bus as a pojo can go into commons
>>>or somewhere else we can draw from.  WDYT?  
>>Just released as its own project.  See
>>I figured this was much easier than dealing with political stuff and
>>the potential of dependency creep because commons wants commons logging
>>to infect every codebase.
> Not a problem if you follow Paul Hammant's method of using monitors. 
> This way the specific monitor implementation can be logger based and
> have any dependency you would like.  Plus commons logging is an ok
> dependency to have for anyone.  It's a minimal abstraction layer on top
> of logging API's to use anything at all.  It's a good thing with so many
> Logging API's out there - it leaves the decision upto the deployer.

Take a look at what's there.  There is a callback provided to handle
errors and such.  In something as small as an EventBus, any logging
internal to the system is a symptom of not having proper unit testing.
As you can see by the JUnitReport at,
we have 100% pass rate, and according to Clover we have 100% coverage.

>>>I don't want to impose too many dependencies and if I do I want them all
>>>to be internal to Apache projects where ever possible.  
>>EventBus does not have any external dependencies.
> Right but if I have a dependency on EventBus that goes outside of the
> ASF to D-Haven.  I know you want to build up D-Haven (It's your baby)
> but ... well I kinda wanna keep things Apache en toto.  You're an Apache
> member and you no doubt understand this and see it as good.  It just the
> politics you want to avoid right?

What's done is done.  I personally don't care where a library comes from
as long as its good and it does the job.  To not include a library that
does the job you want when there are no license issues and no community
issues (I assume you don't hate me...) I really see no problem in
adopting it.  It has an ASF license, isn't that good enough?

Really, EventBus was created here in D-Haven, and it is the logical
place for it.  The user/developer lists are low traffic enough (almost
none) that I can kep track of it without issue.  You will be able to
incorporate it through Maven, so there shouldn't be any major problems.

>>>I see a merlin wrapper in Avalon and perhaps a Fortress wrapper on the
>>>excalibur side.  Basically we want the component to be standalone as a
>>>POJO so others like the Spring folks for example can use it too if they
>>>decide to without our specific philosophies imposed upon them.
>>The EventBus is a POJO, and GUIApp does present one way of incorporating
>>it into an Avalon context.
> Sounds like you've made your decision on this one.  I can't really twist
> your arm too much eh :-)?  Ok we'll keep things separate but if you
> would like we can revisit it in the future.

Personally, I don't see what the problem is to have it hosted here.
If you want to use it, it is available.  If not, then go ahead and
repeat the work.  There are probably subtle differences based on what
I learned from the app I built using GUIApp, and I am benefiting from

> Essentially this the same pattern and virtually the same implementation
> (there is only so much variance you can inject).  There is no reason why
> we should be keeping it as two separate code bases.
> You guys have an IRC channel out there btw?

IRC?  No, not yet.  I do have an MSN messenger account and an ICQ
account though.  I like to keep discussions in the mail list as much
as possible.


"Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to 
build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to 
produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning."
                 - Rich Cook

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