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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: RE: [VOTE] Retrofitting the old code base with snickers
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
> From: "Jeff Machols" <>
> > VOTE:
> > 
> > [ ] Scratch the whole idea and continue with Eve in trunk
> > [X] Create defunct Eve branch using initial pre-subversion code base
> I think a branch makes more sense so you don't convolute any of the new
> code.  If it turns out you can use some of it in the trunk, we can just
> merge it in.  Once the branch is done, we can depreciate it so it is
> still readable, or get rid of it totally

Same thoughts here.

> We obviously need to be careful to ensure it understood this is still
> pre-alpha, but I think the early adapters will accept this.

What I have done is the following to reflect that.  First off this imported code I have assigned
a version of 0.10.  So if it is untouched and we exit incubation of course and released it
would be a Eve 0.10 release maintenance branch.  I just checked in the branch under eve/branches/start.

Now without any further changes I created a tag by copying this to tags/import-0.10 for a
snapshot on import/add/start whatever.  As we make changes to prepare for our incubation exit
we can add subversions :-), no pun intended, to 0.10 like so 0.11, 0.12 and so on until something
can be deamed stable even though incomplete.  Then we can tag again later before deaming it
stable at which time major alterations cease and the branch becomes a maintenance branch with
small bug fixes if it will even get to that point.

It's ok to branch this branch.  For example Steve will be working on a few things and so he
can branch from it and then merge those changes back onto the start branch and so forth. 
Once we freeze this branch we'll tag and keep its as the 0.1?? maintenance branch as it should
have been if we had branched from our import point.

Ok so that's it.  You can either update eve/branches or check out the eve/branches/start branch
to work on it.  Please scrutinize this a bit before we start working on the start branch to
ready it up for a freeze.


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