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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [VOTE] Retrofitting the old code base with snickers
Date Wed, 23 Jun 2004 02:12:33 GMT

Noel, Jeff and I have had several conversations offline about
retrofitting the old code base initially imported into the SVN
repository, with the new snickers LDAP/BER codec.  The goal/intention is
to have a working hybrid of the new Eve and the older code base early
rather than waiting for all the features of Eve to arrive in one big
bang.  This hybrid will be free of any snacc dependencies and hence be
suitable for release once the project has left the incubator.  It will
allow those interested to fire up the server and kick the tires. 

Offline I've begun splicing in the parts of Eve that will allow the
operation of the old code base using snickers.  I did this just to start
getting a feel for how difficult it would be.  Soon I noticed that the
changes were well worth keeping. 

I could not find a workable point within the SVN repository where I
could easily salvage the old code base.  Plus I already made really
drastic changes that well were made fast, and late at night.  There were
some changes that I made without properly tracking them :-(.  Hunting
down the changes and merging them with the new ones would have been more
work than using what I had.  If no one objects, I would like to add this
code into the subversion repository as a detached branch of the eve
subproject.  I'm thinking of going this route rather than creating a new
subproject under directory for a few reasons:
 o this is Eve server code
 o it has been branched but the branch cannot be merged to the trunk
 o maintenance on it will cease asa the trunk is viable
 o the branch will be considered a maintenance branch if we 
   release - no further development will take place outside of 
   minor bug fixes

The one pitfall with this approach is that there is a history disconnect
on these files.  They were previously imported with history from the CVS repository into SVN.  So we have all the changes that have
been made by commiters in the past.  We would be starting the history
again from scratch at another point in the repository.  Sure this makes
hunting down changes that happened ages ago a bit more difficult, but
this is a tradeoff.  I don't intend to support this branch for more than
a few months.  As soon the server in the trunk can be fired up with the
backend currently in the sandbox to service requests, I will vote to
freeze work on the branch.

I know this not the cleanest route but its the fastest immediate route I
have for a very short term solution.  If a release occurs from this
branch we will not branch it but just keep it as the maintenance branch
which we would have had if we forked from the trunk.

So if all approve the idea I'd like to keep rolling to show that Eve can
come up without snacc4j dependencies; so that we have a server once we
exit the incubator; and so we can have a little fun too.


[ ] Scratch the whole idea and continue with Eve in trunk
[ ] Create defunct Eve branch using initial pre-subversion code base

Until this vote commenses I will be adding the files to subversion as a
private branch I can work in.  If the community decides to scratch the
idea I will remove the checkins immediately.  So please, please, don't
get offended if you see commits going by - I'm just working on a flaky
new solaris 10 box and don't want to loose what changes I've already made.


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