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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject Hi everyone
Date Sat, 05 Jun 2004 19:53:02 GMT

My name is Niclas Hedhman, and can normally be found banging heads and 
creating revolutions over at Avalon. Alex has asked me to join in here and 
see if I can be of any help - - He is a bit mad, since enterprise 
environments are not my kind of hang-out.

Anyway, I'll try to dig into and see what you got, and try to figure out how 
things hang together, and I'll see where that brings me.

Initial questions;

1. Can Eve be built to execute stand-alone (Merlin)? If so, where do I find 
info on how to make that happen?

2. When I checked out the code, Justin upgraded FreeBSD on minotaur, so the 
checkout hanged. I killed it, and restarted it later, but I am now somewhat 
'worried' that all hasn't been checked out and my copy is in a strange state. 
Reason; many directories doesn't contain any files, for instance in backend/, 
only schema/ contains anything. Three other directories are empty (database, 
jndi, nexus). Is that expected?


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