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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [D-haven-developer] Several new releases out
Date Tue, 29 Jun 2004 04:19:23 GMT

> Take a look at what's there.  There is a callback provided to handle
> errors and such.  In something as small as an EventBus, any logging
> internal to the system is a symptom of not having proper unit testing.
> As you can see by the JUnitReport at,
> we have 100% pass rate, and according to Clover we have 100% coverage.

That's good I don't think we can say the same.

> >>>I don't want to impose too many dependencies and if I do I want them all
> >>>to be internal to Apache projects where ever possible.  
> >>
> >>EventBus does not have any external dependencies.
> > 
> > Right but if I have a dependency on EventBus that goes outside of the
> > ASF to D-Haven.  I know you want to build up D-Haven (It's your baby)
> > but ... well I kinda wanna keep things Apache en toto.  You're an Apache
> > member and you no doubt understand this and see it as good.  It just the
> > politics you want to avoid right?
> What's done is done.  I personally don't care where a library comes from
> as long as its good and it does the job.  To not include a library that
> does the job you want when there are no license issues and no community
> issues (I assume you don't hate me...) 

Berin have I ever shown you that?  All you have is my highest respect.

> I really see no problem in
> adopting it.  It has an ASF license, isn't that good enough?

No no its just fine.  I think you even gave me committer prives to it a
while back - don't remember right at this moment.
> > Sounds like you've made your decision on this one.  I can't really twist
> > your arm too much eh :-)?  Ok we'll keep things separate but if you
> > would like we can revisit it in the future.
> Personally, I don't see what the problem is to have it hosted here.
> If you want to use it, it is available.  If not, then go ahead and
> repeat the work.  There are probably subtle differences based on what
> I learned from the app I built using GUIApp, and I am benefiting from
> it.

The problem is I already repeated the work ages ago.  You see I learned
a few things myself from using it with Eve.  I just want to make sure
these ideas flow and are communicated between us.  Anyway no worries.  I
might start using your version when I get to cleaning up our repo a


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