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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Hi everyone
Date Sun, 06 Jun 2004 18:06:38 GMT
Welcome Nic,

Good to see you on the list.  Sorry for not responding quickly enough.  

> My name is Niclas Hedhman, and can normally be found banging heads and 
> creating revolutions over at Avalon. Alex has asked me to join in here and 
> see if I can be of any help - - He is a bit mad, since enterprise 
> environments are not my kind of hang-out.


> Anyway, I'll try to dig into and see what you got, and try to figure out how 
> things hang together, and I'll see where that brings me.

> 1. Can Eve be built to execute stand-alone (Merlin)? If so, where do I find 
> info on how to make that happen?

Yes she can.  Right now that's all we have.  Eve which is LDAPd's
successor has two major parts.  The frontend and the backend.  The
couple between the two will be JNDI since the backend exposes itself as
a LDAP JNDI provider (it does not go through network stack though). 
Anyway in the Eve project the frontend is setup minimally and comes up
with Merlin however it currently responds BUSY to all requests.  Nothing
really is rigged up yet.

There is a backend that is 85% ready but it's in the sandbox waiting to
be massaged back into shape using our container agnostic layout.  

> 2. When I checked out the code, Justin upgraded FreeBSD on minotaur, so the 
> checkout hanged. I killed it, and restarted it later, but I am now somewhat 
> 'worried' that all hasn't been checked out and my copy is in a strange state. 
> Reason; many directories doesn't contain any files, for instance in backend/, 
> only schema/ contains anything. Three other directories are empty (database, 
> jndi, nexus). Is that expected?

Yeah its probably our own incomplete directories.  I have not moved the
back-end into position yet while massaging it.  If you doubt the
checkout I would checkout again just to be certain.  There is enough
complexity here in this project without worrying about the svn co.

And in response to the question regarding your other email about the
JDK. I'm not looking back past the 1.4 jdk and I recommend 1.4.2_XX and
above to avoid certain NIO related issues.

Overall I recommend you start looking at the website documentation here:

Keep in mind while you're reading that this stuff is probably a little
old and way incomplete.  If you have any questions feel free to post to
the list, I try to get back to you as fast as I can.


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