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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: No longer offline
Date Mon, 31 May 2004 05:22:21 GMT
On Sun, 2004-05-30 at 18:16, Vincent Tence wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> We have completed our move in our newly built house and I am happy to
> have my internet connection back. 

That's great! Congratulations on the new house.

> I have a lot of things to catch up, so if in the meantime someone can
> provide me with a quick overview of the current state of things, that'll
> be very much appreciated.

Well there have been a couple status reports, I think two, to the
incubator pmc.  One of the main objectives at this point is to prepare
to leave the incubator this quarter or early next quarter.

Most of the API's are ready and some have some maturing to do but that
can occur outside of the incubator.  The primary concern is a single
dependency we have on the SNACC4J runtime.  This will be replaced by
snickers.   The decoder for snickers is almost done and we're about to
start on the encoding half of the BER codec.  A snickers based LDAP
Message provider is being built for the LDAP commons library
concurrently.   It looks as though the snickers subproject will be
mature enough to replace all dependencies on SNACC4J within 4-6 weeks.

So I figure we should start preparing around this target date
unofficially.  I know Phil and Henri have the naming-commons working
pretty well and are awaiting an exit.  The ldap commons libraries are
mature yet require a replacement snickers provider (the BER provider
is pluggable).  Jeff's clients which use the ldap-common library are
also in the ldap subproject and are working well.

I have slowed down on Eve to focus more on RMS and Snickers.  Snickers
is most critical since it is required for leaving the incubator, and RMS
I have to develop anyway for external reasons.  Eve's front end actually
comes up now and can pass along some messages although all will respond
busy to all message types.  The default back end is ready but needs to
be taken out of the sandbox area, brushed off and moved to the right
place in SVN.  Then we can connect front end with back end and play.

So where do we need the most focus at this point?

o need to get the site up to par with the quality of an Apache TLP
    o make sure all projects are well documented
    o fix broken links
    o fix grammar and spelling
    o fix layout and flow problems
o remove snacc4j dependencies
    o finish BER codec encoder 
    o finish ldap provider for LDAP message framework
    o devise test framework that does not use snacc4j to test snickers
    o remove all deps on snacc4j replacing them with snickers
o advise incubator pmc of intention to exit incubator
o handle loose ends that may arise or be asked of us by the 
  incubator pmc or board


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