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Subject newbie question: snacc4j
Date Fri, 23 Apr 2004 15:52:53 GMT


I have developed a dependancy on IBM's snacc4j jar.

I understand work in this project is underway to solve this problem:

I have a 'couple' of questions:

1.  Does anyone have any of the original snacc4j licence/readme files that
may elude to the license terms? All I have is the jar.

2.  Has the snickers code developed sufficiently yet to be used as a
replacement for snacc4j?

2.  How do I get at the code or pre-release JAR for snickers?

3.  How big a re-factoring job is likely to be needed on a module which is
currently dependant on* ?

4.  Do you have any estimates when snickers/eve will be ready for release?


Simon Temple

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