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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: [vote] RMS - Realm Management System
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2004 04:56:26 GMT
> This is a very high level framework for storing and managing relatively
> static information within an application domain or realm in a directory.
> It can store user's, groups and application permissions as well as
> aspects of a user's profile that are unrelated to security.  Basically
> RMS is a place to centralize information that is shared and changes
> relatively infrequently.

> RMS is designed to sit on top of Janus and use any LDAP server.

> We are also noticing that the RMS project fits more in line with
> our endeavors within the directory project.  It will also be able
> to use Janus and other API's to access static information stored
> perhaps in XML files.

How does RMS work with, for example, a standard JNDI implementation?  What
interfaces, services, features, does it need?  What kind(s) of entries and
JNDI capabilities does it use?  Would it work with Henri's Simple JNDI or an
XML-specified JNDI context such as we use with a WebApp?  From what you've
told me off-list, the answers are yes, but I want to bring this out with
everyone, and start to build a deeper understanding of how this relates with
our Directory technologies.

	--- Noel

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